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Janel Koons
College of Agriculture Coordinator

Success Stories

Gary van Breda

Gary van Breda finished his bachelor’s degree in food science and industry in fall 2016. Van Breda’s story includes living in Illinois but traveling for his job to five continents and his studies went with him online.


Georgia Pate

Georgia Pate earned her bachelor’s degree in food science and industry in fall 2016. Pate is from Kentucky and she pursued her degree because of incentives from her company for employees to earn advanced degrees.


Cristina Mansfield

Cristina Mansfield with a degree in Agribusiness was honored as the 2014 K-State Global Campus Alumni Fellow and she shares her experience of living internationally while studying online with K-State.


Michael Feingold

Michael Feingold, a former marine, a wounded warrior, a national award-winning online student is now an alumni of K-State's food science bachelor's degree program and is working in the field as a research and development lab manager and food technologist. - Read More


Jason Madsen

Master of Agribusiness student Jason Madsen speaks on his experience with K-State Global Campus and how this has helped him in his career.


Hamid Rutaro Success StoryHamid Rutaro

Hamid Rutaro, graduated with a master’s degree in agribusiness in 2015 from K-State. Rutaro grew up on a small 50-cow dairy farm in Uganda and did his master’s research on improving the milk quality in his home country. - Read More


Michael Connell Success StoryMichael Connell

Michael Connell earned his bachelor’s degree in animal science and industry from K-State in 2015. Connell has helped develop a program for handling the technical issues of handling large animal rescues across the country and world. - Read More


Emily Schum Success StoryEmily Schum

Emily Shum has worked as a horticultural therapist in Hong Kong since 2016 after many years in the landscape and design industry. Shum wanted a career that was more personal and people-oriented, so she chose to pursue a graduate certificate in horticulture therapy through K-State Global Campus. - Read More


Marta Stewart Success StoryMarta Stewart

Marta Stewart spent most of her life climbing the corporate ladder in the business world, but the lure of the great outdoors convinced her to pursue a new career later in her professional life. At age 55, Stewart began work on an advanced horticultural graduate certificate program with the hoping of running her family’s farm in Harper County, Kansas. - Read More


Dan Jaskiewicz Student Success StoryDan Jaskiewicz

Dan Jaskiewicz chose K-State because of its well-known programs in food science. He finished his undergraduate certificate in food science in 2016, which provided him the skills to enhance his career as a food scientist and product developer. - Read More


Nathan Smit Student Success StoryNathan Smit

Is a four-year college degree worth it? For Kansas State University 2008 graduate Nathan Smit, the answer is yes. Smit earned his bachelor’s degree in food science through K-State Global Campus and immediately began a rapid ascension up the corporate ladder at Hormel Foods Corporation. He started as an entry-level lab technician and worked his way up to his current role, corporate innovation manager. - Read more.