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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Horticultural Therapy?

Horticultural therapy is a method in which a trained horticultural therapist uses live plants and the growing environment to heal and rehabilitate people. There are four essential elements in the practice of horticultural therapy: 1) a defined treatment procedure that focuses on horticultural or gardening activities; 2) a client with a diagnosed problem who is in treatment for that problem; 3) a treatment goal that can be measured and evaluated and; 4) a trained professional to deliver the treatment. Treatment goals in horticultural therapy programs typically target social, psychological, physical and cognitive health outcomes. Horticultural therapy practitioners often time work as private consultants with a variety of client groups and settings while others are directly hired by one institution. Horticultural therapy programs are found in vocational training centers, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, botanic gardens, veteran's facilities, hospice, alcohol treatment centers and cancer treatment centers.

Horticultural therapy is considered a complimentary therapy along with occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavioral specialists, vocational skills instructors and others. Thus, horticultural therapy practitioners must be experts on the medical and psychological benefits of gardening and facilitating improvement of the patients' physical, social and mental well-being.

How are the courses delivered?

All course work is offered at a distance via the Internet. Classes are delivered within a semester time frame via K-State Online, the learning management system at K-State.

What technology is required?

You will need a computer that can connect to the Internet with specific browser requirements. View information about the technology used in your courses. 

How do I get started?

The recommended first course to take is HORT 751, which is offered fall semester. It is acceptable to start with HORT 752 if you want to begin the program in the spring semester. There are two options for taking classes through K-State Global Campus at Kansas State University: 1) apply for admittance to the graduate certificate program by going to application information, or 2) apply for admittance as a graduate nondegree-seeking student. Go to the K-State Global Campus policies page for more information.

What are the costs?

Tuition and fees are currently $641.60 per credit hour. Payment of course fees is required at the time of enrollment.

It is your responsibility to withdraw from classes at any time after enrollment if you do not plan to complete the course. Classes are NOT administratively dropped if tuition/fees are unpaid.

Will these courses transfer to a graduate degree program?

All of the course work counts as graduate credit and may be accepted in a graduate degree program depending on the requirements of the degree program.

What if I only want to take 9 credits of horticultural therapy credits needed for professional registration by the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA)?

AHTA requires a bachelor's degree in horticultural therapy or a bachelor's degree in another field and course work in three topic areas: 1) 12 semester hours in the human science field; 2) 12 semester hours of horticulture course work; and 3) 9 semester hours of horticultural therapy course work for their professional registration program. HORT 751, 752 and 753 are accepted by AHTA for the horticultural therapy course work.

It is possible to enroll in up to 9 credits of graduate course work as a non-degree seeking student. Please contact Dr. Cynthia Domenghini at 805-423-1999 for more information on this opportunity.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Graduate Certificate
College: Agriculture
Credits: 12
Course delivery: Online

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