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Success Stories

Michael Feingold Student Success Story

Michael Feingold '13

Food Science Bachelor's Degree

A Marine. A wounded warrior. An award-winning university student. Now an alumni of Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in food science and industry he is working in the food science field as a research and development lab manager and food technologist.

Feingold was a senior in high school when he enlisted in the Marine Corps, just a month before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. After several years and a variety of jobs with the Marines, he began taking Kansas State University classes online.

While completing his degree, Feingold overcame several personal obstacles. In winter 2011, he was selected for another mission with the Marines in Bahrain, where he severely injured his shoulder and reinjured his back, both of which required surgery.

"Just getting through those hurdles was quite a challenge," Feingold said. "I was trying to balance school, balance my life and balance physical training to get healthy again. I've always been the type of person to just follow my dream. I've never been the type of person to give up on anything."

Shortly after graduation from the university in 2013, he was selected as the University Professional and Continuing Education Association's Central Region Outstanding Continuing Education Student, going on to receive the association's national award. Feingold was able to share his Kansas State University success story with thousands of other military members and distance students through a feature story in G.I. Jobs magazine in the Spring of 2013.

"My life is moving a hundred miles an hour, and as long as I communicate that to my professors, they are really amenable to helping me work around my schedule," Feingold said. "One thing I love about K-State's distance classes is that the lectures I'm watching are actual lectures that the professor has given to a class on campus. You're not getting second-hand knowledge, you're getting it straight from the professor's mouth, which I absolutely love."

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Degree: Bachelor of Science
College: Agriculture
Credits: 126
Course delivery: Online, message boards, email 

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