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Application Process for Food Science Master's Degree

For questions or to learn more about the program, visit the food science master's degree website.

1. Review Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission into the food science master’s degree, students must have already completed or meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 3.0 GPA in the final two years or approximately the last 60 credit hours
  • Completion of prerequisite courses
    • Statistics
    • Biochemistry
    • Organic chemistry
    • General calculus
    • Physics
    • Microbiology (introductory level)
    • Botany, zoology or biology
  • Reside within the U.S. or Canada
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

2. Review Application Requirements

Application Deadlines

  • To be admitted for FALL (classes begin in August):
    • Online Masters Students apply by Aug. 1
    • International Students (Canada Only) apply by Dec. 15
  • To be admitted for SPRING (classes begin in January):
    • Online Masters Students apply by Nov. 8
    • International Students (Canada Only) apply by Aug. 1

Application Fee

  • U.S. Applicants: $65
  • International Applicants: $75

Graduate School Application Fee FAQ

3. Prepare to Apply

Please be prepared to upload the following information when completing the online application.

  • Statement of objectives
    • One to two pages is sufficient
    • Description of why the applicant wants to pursue a graduate degree in food science at Kansas State University
    • Indicate general area of interest (i.e., food chemistry, food microbiology, cereals, meat science, sensory analysis, etc.). This allows the application to be directed to the appropriate faculty. Terms such as "food processing" and "food technology" are too general and may result in rejection due to lack of specificity.
    • Indicate any prior contact the applicant has had with faculty
    • Indicate faculty with whom the applicant desires to work as a graduate student, if known
  • Names and emails of three professional and/or academic references
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
  • Official transcripts from each institution attended
    • Failure to list any colleges or universities from which the applicant received a degree or enrolled in graduate coursework may result in dismissal from the university.
    • If transcripts are not in English, the applicant must furnish a translation by an appropriate authority.

4. Apply


Tip: select “Distance-Off Campus” and “Master’s” on the Academic Information page. On the Program Selection page, select “Agriculture” followed by “Food Science.”

For questions or to learn more about the program, visit the food science master's degree website.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Master of Science
College: Agriculture
Credits: 34
Course delivery: Online; Oral Examination on campus in Manhattan, Kansas

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