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Food Science

Kansas State University is a national leader in education for the food science industry. The programs have top faculty in the areas of food chemistry, food microbiology, food safety, veterinary medicine, cereal science, dairy science, meat science, food service, sensory analysis, food engineering, human nutrition and product development.

Food Science Bachelor’s Degree

In the food science bachelor’s degree students learn the fundamental properties of food raw materials important to designing and processing safe, wholesome, and attractive food products. There are two options available to students completing their degree online, food business and operations management option and industry and technology option.

Food Science Master’s Degree

The master’s in food science provides the opportunity to learn about designing, processing and marketing safe, wholesome and attractive food products for consumption around the world. The program emphasizes food chemistry, food microbiology, food safety, sensory analysis, food processing and food engineering.

Food Safety and Defense Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate in food safety and defense provides preparation for the safety of the human food supply. Students interested in the program often work in the quality assurance aspect of the food industry or in food safety.

Food Safety and Quality Undergraduate Certificate

The undergraduate certificate in food safety and quality provides entry level knowledge into the field. Individuals will gain both scientific and practical knowledge about food products and processes which will prepare them for entry level food science positions.

Bakery Science Stand-Alone Minor

This stand alone minor in bakery science is available to students working toward a bachelor’s degree at any accredited institution, or those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. A minor in bakery science provides students with a knowledge base that includes exploring the functionality of ingredients in baked goods and the characteristics of cereal grains.

These online food science programs are offered through the Food Science Institute, and the Department of Grain Science and Industry in the College of Agriculture.


Kansas State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Student Success

Martha Hunt applies what she learned in the food science master's degree program daily in her role as an associate product developer at Kellogg's. She combines her creativity with chemistry to develop new flavor combinations for Pop-Tarts.