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In order to obtain a Minor in Bakery Science and Management, students must complete the required courses with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

GRSC 101 — Fundamentals of Grain Processing

This is an introductory course to grains and their processing/utilization in food and nonfood products, as well as exposure to career opportunities in grain and related industries.

GRSC 602 — Cereal Science

The characteristics of cereals, legumes, their components and their processing to foods.

GRSC 625 — Flour and Dough Testing

Physical and chemical methods used in evaluating wheat flour and doughs.

GRSC 635 — Baking Science I

Introduction to chemical and physical properties of flour and other principal ingredients used in production of yeast-leavened bakery foods. Study of major processing methods for making yeasted doughs such as breads, sweet goods, frozen dough, and partially baked goods. Examination of ingredient specifications role of quality control, keeping properties of bread products, and nutritional attributes of various types of breads.

GRSC 636 — Baking Science I Laboratory

A laboratory course to accompany Baking Science I (GRSC 635).  Laboratory exercises in theory and production of yeast-leavened baked products.

GRSC 637 — Baking Science II

Course includes study of physical, chemical, and functional properties of ingredients and processes used in production of bakery products, including cakes, cookies, doughnuts, breads and related products. Shelf-life control and packaging of baked products is also discussed. Total quality programs, specification programs and management of distribution and purchasing systems will also be included in lectures.

GRSC 638 — Baking Science II Laboratory

A laboratory course to accompany Baking Science II (GRSC 637). Exercises and experiments in production of chemically-leavened and yeast-leavened bakery foods including various cakes, cookies, doughnuts, bagels, icings, and fillings.

Grain science majors cannot use courses required in their major as part of a bakery science minor.

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Degree: Minor
College: Agriculture
Credits: 16
Course delivery: Online

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