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Animal Sciences and Industry Bachelor's Degree 

The animal sciences and industry bachelor's program provides challenging courses to prepare for production, management, marketing, distribution and sales applications in the agriculture and food industry at all levels. The program builds on a basic science foundation and is completed by courses in business, food/meat processing, technology, evaluation, quality assurance and food safety.

Student Success

Michael Connell Animal Science and Industry Bachelor's Degree Success Story

"Because I work in emergency management, I've developed the state of Nevada's program on technical large animal rescue. I was actually using my degree well before I finished it."

— Michael Connell '15

Read Michael’s Story


Careers in Animal Products

Designed for the student who seeks employment in the animal health and food industries, course work includes classes in food/meat processing, technology, evaluation and other related topics. The wholesomeness and safety of animal products are stressed.

Graduates work in such positions as:

  • animal health
  • animal nutrition
  • animal health pharmaceutical
  • food safety
  • laboratory
  • product development and characteristics
  • production
  • quality control

 Learn more about possible careers in animal sciences and industry at the following locations:

American Society of Animal Science
American Veterinary Medical Association Career Center
Kansas Livestock Association
Federation of Animal Science Societies

The Science/Pre-Vet curriculum degree option is currently only available on the Manhattan campus (and is not available through Global Campus).

If you are interested in completing prerequisite courses for application to a veterinary school, please apply to Global Campus as a Non-degree Seeking Student.

If you are taking online classes to fulfill prerequisite courses for application to a veterinary school (other than K-State) or other professional school, please check with their admissions office for pre-approval to complete the courses online from K-State.

*** K-State College of Veterinary Medicine will accept online courses from an accredited institution to fulfill prerequisite courses.



Kansas State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The animal sciences and industry bachelor's degree is offered through the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry in the College of Agriculture.

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