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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take credits from both the community college and university at the same time?

Yes, it is possible, but you must be admissible at both institutions in order to get financial aid to pay for classes at both locations. Be sure to visit with your advisor for more details.

Do I have to have my associate's degree completed prior to starting the K-State portion?

We recommend that you complete your associate's degree, just because it makes a nice stepping stone in your progression to earn a bachelor's degree. However, you can start working on the K-State portion before your associate's degree is completed.

How much does it cost to take a K-State online class?

The cost is comparable to other state institutions offering online classes and definitely less expensive than taking private online colleges. It is a little higher than taking on campus classes from K-State, but that is due to technology fees.

See more information about tuition and fees

How do I get started?

Contact your community college representative and/or K-State Global Campus who can help direct you to the people/advisors to work with. Ultimately, you'll apply to K-State, have previous transcripts sent and pay the $40 application fee for U.S. applicants or the $80 application fee for international applicants.

Will I have an advisor?

Each degree completion program at K-State has an assigned advisor that works individually with the students to complete their plan of action. Students are also encouraged to work with their community college advisors, if they are still working on their associate's degree.

How long does it take?

The 2+2 is designed that it can be completed in a typical 4 year time frame. However, this is also designed for working adults with other commitments and therefore it can be completed at the student's own pace.

Why should I complete my bachelor's degree?

On average, people with their bachelor's degree earn significantly more money in their lifetime than a person without a degree.

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What is a 2+2?

  • A partnership between a community college and Kansas State University to provide place-bound students the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree

Who are 2+2s for?

  • Students who cannot relocate to Manhattan or Salina campuses, have completed zero or some college credits, or are place-bound transfer students studying at an institution in Kansas
  • Advisors who guide students as they transition to K-State

What does a 2+2 include?

  • A detailed, outlined degree plan listing classes that lead to completion of both the associate degree and bachelor's degree, using credits that transfer from the community college
  • Requirements for application into the bachelor's degree completion program, including GPA and credit hours