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2+2 Partnerships with Community and Technical Colleges

Kansas State University has joined with community colleges to offer 2+2s that put students on track to attain their educational goals, even when geographic restrictions exist. Students can complete an associate degree through their local community or technical college and then complete an entirely distance-based bachelor's degree through K-State.

The following Bachelor's Degree Completion programs are available at all 19 Kansas community colleges utilizing 2+2 curriculum guides that outline the classes a student can take from a community college and from K-State to meet degree requirements.

  • ​General Business 
  • Interdisciplinary Social Science
  • Technology Management 

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What is a 2+2?

  • A partnership between a community college and Kansas State University to provide place-bound students the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree

Who are 2+2s for?

  • Students who cannot relocate to Manhattan or Salina campuses, have completed zero or some college credits, or are place-bound transfer students studying at an institution in Kansas
  • Advisors who guide students as they transition to K-State

What does a 2+2 include?

  • A detailed, outlined degree plan listing classes that lead to completion of both the associate degree and bachelor's degree, using credits that transfer from the community college
  • Requirements for application into the bachelor's degree completion program, including GPA and credit hours