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Global Campus coordinator wins national weightlifting championship

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Amanda DeBlauw

Amanda DeBlauw, faculty services and testing specialist at Global Campus and doctoral student in industrial and organizational psychology, took first place in both lifts in her weight class at the National University Championships in Ogden, Utah, April 19-22 to secure a national championship among collegiate weightlifters.

Competing in the 75 kgs. weight class after previously competing in the 69 kgs. class, DeBlauw matched a personal-best lift of 108 kgs. (238 pounds) in the clean and jerk and set a new personal record with a 93 kgs. (205 pounds) snatch lift. DeBlauw took gold medals in both events and also brought home a third gold for her total score.

In her last year of eligibility for this competition, DeBlauw hoped to lift well enough to earn a spot at the International University Sports Federation (FISU) World University Championships, but the organization recently changed its eligibility rules, reducing the age limit from 28 to 25.

"This was extremely disappointing for me, as I felt like for the first time in weightlifting that all my hard work was about to pay off to go to Worlds,"DeBlauw said. "But I changed my attitude and told myself that if I can't go to Worlds, then I want to win National Universities."

Following up her win in Utah, DeBlauw is scheduled to compete next week at the 2018 National Championships, which is not limited only to student-athletes. The event is in Overland Park.

Long term, DeBlauw’s weightlifting goal is to snatch 100 kgs. and to clean and jerk 120 kgs. and to keep weightlifting competitively as long as she can.

Written by: Grant Guggisberg, grantg@k-state.edu
K-State News and Communications Service