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Anniversary issue of K-State Global Campus Link magazine available

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Link 50th Anniversary Cover

The spring/summer 2016 issue of Kansas State University Global Campus Link magazine celebrates the 50th anniversary of K-State Global Campus.

The issue includes the following content and more:

  • Future trends in higher education.
  • Stories of student perseverance.
  • Timeline of distance learning technologies.
  • Five ways to stay professionally active.

Link magazine joins thousands of students, alumni and supporters of distance education who want to learn online, grow professionally and connect globally through Kansas State University. Published twice per year, the magazine helps keep the distance alumni community connected to K-State.

View the magazine online or in PDF format.

Written by: Rosanna Vail, 785-532-2720, rvail@k-state.edu
K-State News and Communications Services