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Recreational credit courses offered during university's May intersession

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MANHATTAN — One-credit-hour recreational classes will be offered for the first time during Kansas State University's May intersession, the short time between standard university semesters when students can complete a class in an accelerated time frame. UFM Community Learning Center coordinates these recreational credit classes as part of Kansas State University Global Campus.

UFM is a campus and community education program serving the university and Manhattan area communities. In addition to the credit courses, UFM offers a wide variety of noncredit classes, coordinates the Manhattan Community Gardens, the Lou Douglas Lecture Series and offers programs for teens and special needs adults.

Kansas State University Global Campus credit classes coordinated through UFM have previously only been offered in the spring, fall and summer terms. This summer, credit recreation classes are available during intersession, including Salsa Dance, American Red Cross First Aid CPR/AED and Women's Self Defense.

"Having a one-credit-hour intersession class gives students a chance to participate in what we offer outside their regular full semester schedules," said Erin Bishop, UFM credit course coordinator. "It's also beneficial for students close to graduation who may be one or two credit hours short of their required hours. It can help keep them on track with their long-term goals."

UFM's mission is founded on the concept that everyone can teach and everyone can learn. Credit and noncredit offerings in personal development, recreation, dance or life skills give individuals the opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby they may not have had the chance to experience.

Salsa Dance, DANCE 599, meets May 20 to June 5; Women's Self Defense, RRES 200, meets May 24 to June 1; and First Aid CPR/AED, RRES 200, meets May 31 to June 1. The deadline to enroll is on or before the scheduled class start date.

Find out more about UFM Community Learning Center, including upcoming credit recreation courses, by visiting http://www.k-state.edu/ufm/. View all upcoming May and August intersession classes at http://global.k-state.edu/intersession.

Sources: Erin Bishop, 785-539-8763, erbish@k-state.edu
Charlene Brownson, 785-539-8763, cmb@k-state.edu
Written by: Anna Shippy, 785-532-5888, akshippy@k-state.edu
Website: UFM Community Learning Center
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