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Continuing Education Staff Contribute to Distance Student Scholarship Funds

November 15, 2013

Staff and guests of the K-State Division of Continuing Education raised $500 in donations through a dessert silent auction on Nov. 13 in College Court Building. Desserts were prepared by continuing education staff, with proceeds going toward the division's distance education student scholarship funds through the All-University Campaign.

“The division is always looking for more scholarship opportunities for distance education students,” said Lynda Spire, assistant dean of continuing education. “This was our way of making a difference together to help support the university and the students we serve.”

The division's participation in the All-University Campaign is currently at 91 percent, the highest to date.

Learn more about scholarships for K-State distance education students and how you can contribute.

Source: Lynda Spire, 785-532-2568, lspire@k-state.edu
Written By: Rosanna Vail, 785-532-2720, rvail@k-state.edu
K-State News and Communications Services