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Nontraditional Students Inducted into Pinnacle Honor Society

June 7, 2013

MANHATTAN -- Hard work and academic excellence have eared 77 Kansas State University students membership into the Pinnacle Honor Society. Pinnacle, a nontraditional student honor society, has members from more than 150 institutions across the U.S.

New members at Kansas State University were inducted at the Division of Continuing Education's recent Honors and Awards Reception. Suzanne Lueker, director of nontraditional and veteran student services at the university, said the number of Pinnacle Honor Society inductees has steadily increased each year, with this year's total up from 70 inductees in 2012.

"For the past several years, our nontraditional student population has been increasing, as has the number of nontraditional students earning recognition for their academic achievements," Lueker said.

To be eligible to join the university's chapter of Pinnacle, students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, be of at least junior standing and have demonstrated a record of excellence in leadership, scholarship and service.

"Many of our university's nontraditional students have the challenging task of balancing family, career and education. It's very rewarding to have the opportunity to honor their efforts and achievements," Lueker said.

Pinnacle inductees include:

Aimee Fowler, junior in family studies and human services, Alma; Vincent Bosch, junior in pre-professional secondary education, Alta Vista; Melissa Duff, senior in general business administration, Chanute.

From Fort Riley: Victoria Adams, senior in social work; Jessica Harper, senior in life sciences;Tylin Jones, senior in social sciences; and Ashley MacKinnon, senior in dietetics.

Melissa Vogt, senior in technology management, Hoxie; Lisa Holden, senior in general business administration, and Dawn Van Horn, senior in social sciences, both from Junction City; Cathleen Owen, senior in social sciences, Lake Quivira;Daina Bitters, senior in human ecology, Lawrence.

From Manhattan: Cynthia Arias-Dowling, senior in dietetics; Jolene Boyer, senior in elementary education; Katie Breese, senior in family studies and human services; Deborah Bruner, senior in pre-professional secondary education; Rachel Burgess, senior in history; Amanda Burris, senior in social work; Brandy Carter, senior in fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology; Kellicia Chipatala, senior in open option; Caitlin Clark, senior in mechanical engineering; Matthew Colborn, senior in agribusiness; Alexis Cook, senior in accounting; Kristin Copeland, senior in geology; Lina Cortez, senior in social work; Tammy Crawford, senior in elementary education; Bridgette Dembowski, senior in psychology; Catherine Doll, junior in mass communications; Carlos Flores, senior in construction science and management; Yi Ge, senior in history; Hannah Grape, senior in animal sciences and industry; Christa Hagedorn, senior in mechanical engineering; Chris Havenstein, junior in management information systems; Kenneth Kumle, senior in mathematics education; Yong-Kyu Lee, senior in interior design; Jennifer Peelen, junior in family studies and human services; Heidi Ramzel, senior in geography; Craig Ruhl, junior in management; Jason Simmonds, junior in technology management;Anna Marie Taylor, senior in animal science and industry; Tanmay Varma, senior in information systems; and Luke Weinheimer, senior in milling science and management.

Whitney Jarvis, senior in public health nutrition, Olathe; Jennafer Sevart, junior in general business administration, Peabody.

From Salina: Monica Baltazor, senior in family studies and human services; James Garner, senior in aeronautical technology; Claudia Quezada-Commerford, junior in family studies and human services; and Deborah Mildfelt, senior in engineering technology.

Dennis O'Neill, senior in geography, St. Marys; Joshua Carrion, senior in technology management, Sublette; and Roy Hahn, senior in social sciences, Wakefield.

From out of state:

Cheryl Red, senior in public health nutrition, San Jose, Calif.; Pamela Lund, senior in dietetics, Stanton, Calif. Courtney Nicholson, junior in animal sciences and industry, Littleton, Colo.; Jill Clodefelter-Mason, senior in dietetics, Noblesville, Ind.

From Missouri: Anne Pitts, senior in dietetics, Kansas City; Lisa Long, senior in general business administration, St. Joseph; and Kimberly Yawitz, senior in dietetics, St. Louis.

Kimberly Woodyard, senior in dietetics, Belle Chasse, La.; Alan Castellano, senior in technology management, Ely, Nev.; Adrienne Davis-Phillips, food science and industry, Plainfield, N.J.; Cristy Riley, senior in dietetics, Rutherford, N.J.; Melissa Forney, senior in dietetics, Carthage, N.Y.; Tami McKay, senior in dietetics, Fuquay Varina, N.C.; Aimee Pitchford, senior in dietetics, Sneads Ferry, N.C.; Leanna Lester, senior in food science and industry, Marion, Ohio; Cathy Harrelson, senior in human ecology, El Reno, Okla.; Julie Adams, senior in dietetics, Eagles Mere, Pa.; David Imhof, junior in food science and industry, Pittsburgh, Pa.

From Texas: Brain Verwoerd, junior in dietetics, Dallas;John McWhorter, junior in dietetics, Houston; and Nicole Sullivan, senior in family studies and human services, Lancaster.

Rebecca Sharpe, senior in dietetics, Clarksville, Tenn.; Kenneth Roberts, senior in dietetics, Jericho, Vt.; Artura Mayo, senior in social sciences, Chesapeake, Va.; and Kathy Fuchs, senior in dietetics, Casper, Wyo.

More information about the honor society can be found at: http://global.k-state.edu/students/pinnacle/.

Source:  Suzanne Lueker, 785-532-6434, lueker@k-state.edu
Written By: Lindsey Staab, 785-532-5888, lmstaab@k-state.edu
K-State News and Communications Services