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Division of Continuing Education Scholarships Provide Financial Support to Distance Students for Fall Term

August 29, 2013

MANHATTAN -- Kansas State University's Division of Continuing Education has awarded more than 20 scholarships to students from across the country for the fall 2013 semester.

These scholarships include the inaugural Allan D. Sicat Scholarship, given to military veterans or active duty military students working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree through the division's distance education program. One student per year is granted $1,500 and the recipient can reapply for subsequent years.

The Division of Continuing Education Scholarship for Distance Students offers $900 to undergraduate students and $1,200 to graduate students enrolled in a Kansas State University distance education degree program.

The Maurine Allison O'Bannon Memorial Scholarship provides $1,000 scholarships for students age 25 or older. This scholarship honors O'Bannon, who graduated from the university in 1915.

The Office of Diversity Scholarship is a $1,000 award to a student from a historically underrepresented group enrolled in a distance degree program at the university.

Fall 2013 scholarship recipients include:

Tomomi Gallagher, senior in technology management, Fort Riley, O'Bannon Scholarship; Alex Arnold, junior in animal sciences and industry, Fort Scott, DCE Scholarship; Stevie Kucharski, master's student in academic advising,Olathe, DCE Scholarship; Caroline Geib, senior in social sciences, Wakefield, DCE Scholarship; and Derek Judd, senior in human ecology, Wichita, O'Bannon Scholarship.

From out of state:

Amanda Liverpool, master's student in academic advising, Novato, Calif., DCE Scholarship; Holly Williams, master's student in academic advising,Pacific Grove, Calif., DCE Scholarship; Jacob Zych, master's student in adult education, Chicago, Ill., DCE Scholarship; Patrick Gere, master's student in civil engineering, South Portland, Maine, DCE Scholarship; Melissa Routt, junior in animal sciences, St. Charles, Mo., O'Bannon Scholarship; Kathleen O'Leary, master's student in academic advising, Hamilton, Mont., DCE Scholarship and Allan D. Sicat Scholarship; Tianna Harrison, master's student in academic advising, Raleigh, N.C., DCE Scholarship; Karyn Raney, master's student in academic advising, Schenectady, N.Y., DCE Scholarship; Diana Lovendino, master's student in academic advising, Midwest City, Okla., DCE Scholarship; Brantley Blair Jr., master's student in academic advising,Philomath, Ore., O'Bannon Scholarship; Justin Grady, master's student in academic advising, Sellersville, Pa., DCE Scholarship; Cornell Sneed, master's student in academic advising, Johnson City, Tenn., DCE Scholarship; Bradye McQueen, master's student in apparel and textile merchandising, Abilene, Texas, DCE Scholarship; Jasmine Jackson, master's student in academic advising, Hampton, Va., DCE Scholarship; Kristina Cale, senior in dietetics, Seattle, Wash., Office of Diversity Scholarship and O'Bannon scholarship; and Dianne Bath, master's student in academic advising, Burns, Wyo., DCE Scholarship.

The postmark deadline to apply for spring 2014 scholarships is Nov. 2. Application guidelines and further information on these scholarships and others can be found at http://global.k-state.edu/students/services/scholarships.

Source: Sue Maes, 785-532-5644, scmaes@k-state.edu
Written By: Samantha Etsell, 785-532-5888, setsell@k-state.edu
K-State News and Communications Services