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College of Education Offers New Online Course Work for Teachers and Paraprofessionals

August 16, 2013

Promoting effective K-12 teaching is the focus of new online course work offered by the College of Education at Kansas State University.

This collection of courses, called Effective Practice: Teaching in Today's World, will provide K-12 teachers and paraprofessionals with the knowledge and skills needed to increase their teaching effectiveness while also preparing them to renew their teaching license or paraprofessional credentials.

"In support of Kansas State University's mission as a land-grant university, this course series provides an opportunity to expand course offerings to teachers, paraprofessionals and others across the state of Kansas," said Lotta Larson, the course developer and instructor. "This work also supports the vision of the College of Education in preparing knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision-makers who can impact learning in K-12 schools."

This program meets requirements for local- and state-mandated credentialing and licensing, and it can be used for graduate credit hours toward a master's degree, such as the Master of Science in curriculum and instruction from Kansas State University. The courses can also be taken for continuing education units at a noncredit rate.

Larson, a former classroom teacher, is an associate professor of curriculum and instruction at the university. She teaches a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses. She also is a frequent speaker at conferences and professional development events across the country, particularly in the areas of literacy instruction and innovative teaching strategies.

For more information about the program and the application process, visit http://global.k-state.edu/education/courses-for-educators/effective-practice/.

Source: Lotta Larson, 785-532-5135, lottalarson@k-state.edu
Written By: Sam Etsell, 785-532-5888, setsell@k-state.edu
K-State News and Communications Services