About Global Campus

Throughout its history, Kansas State University Global Campus has provided educational opportunities for adult learners. An accredited institution of higher education, K-State has offered thousands of conferences, seminars, courses and degree programs to distance education students and work professionals in all 50 states and 41 countries. We continually utilize the latest technology for distance delivery, standing behind 50 years of success and progress in distance education.

Since our inception in 1966, we have helped make a K-State education more accessible to adult learners all over the world—with technology milestones (PDF) along the way that have shaped how knowledge is delivered via distance.

Our services are wide and far reaching. In addition to distance education, we provide coordination of noncredit professional development courses and programs through our Program Development and Management office. We also believe in fostering strong ties to our community and the importance of lifelong learning and personal development for all through the UFM Community Learning Center.

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