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Global Campus 50th Anniversary

K-State Global Campus
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Manhattan, KS 66506-0100

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As current students or alumni, you can share your Kansas State University experience and favorite memories to inspire future distance students.

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Student and Alumni Stories

"Part of the reason I got the opportunity to start in banking was because I had a bachelor's degree. As long as I did my job and worked as hard as I possibly could, I could expect advancement, and that's what's happening in my life. And so I ended up as president and CEO of a bank in Clay Center, partly because of my nontraditional studies and my degree from Kansas State University."

- Daniel Heeren '89, Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

"I was 23 when I had my first child, and it is very true that EVERYTHING changes when a child is born. I was terrified to start distance courses but I knew that it was important to continue not only for myself but for my child. I wanted to lead by example. As I was getting information about K-State and what they had to offer, I felt like the programs were tailored for someone just like me — a person with a busy schedule but with the determination to succeed in school. I remember feeling uneasy about enrolling but I did it. I remember my first 'ITV' management courses being in my local college's library, books on table, proctor to the left of me and my son to the right of me in his stroller. That day was a mixture of nerves but as the class ended, I felt a sense of pride to have gotten that far. I knew that I had made the right decision to continue my education."

- Elisha Reyes, general business bachelor's student

"One night during a basketball game, I saw an ad for K-State's distance program. I didn't know it existed. I worked full time along with a part-time weekend job but realized, at 29, that a degree was a must in order to advance in my career. Two-and-a-half years later, after attending school full time and working both jobs, I graduated with honors with a degree in social sciences. I officially became a Wildcat forever. I used this to negotiate a 40 percent raise and now earn a very livable salary. Besides marrying my husband, it's the best decision I've ever made."

- Briony Smith '13, social science bachelor's degree

"When I became an academic advisor and discovered what the field had to offer, I stopped a previous M.S. degree midstream to start over with my K-State M.S. in Academic Advising. I continued through the program, earning good grades the entire time, but six weeks from completion and graduation was hit by a car and left unable to complete my last two courses. I asked for extra time and accommodations to complete what I had worked so hard for previously, and there was no shortage of help from the EDCEP folks. Dr. Carroll, Dr. Hughey, Dr. Robbins, Dr. Hodge and Dr. Jones in the Dean of Students office were nothing but helpful and supportive. With some extra time to heal and recover, I was able to complete my missing assignments and was fortunate enough to graduate this past May."

- Brantley Blair '15, academic advising master's degree

"One of the things that amazed me, being an older student and going to school with the younger kids, is how accepting they were. I never had any students that were unkind or unfair. I had a class one summer with a bunch of football players, and when I'd go into class I would just go to the back and sit by myself. These football players came in and sat on either side of me, and they just kind of adopted me and called me 'Miss Mom.' They even walked me to my car after class to make sure everything was okay, and they took care of me and that was just kind of fun. To be able to watch them play ball that fall was neat."

- Bev Schmutz '87, Bachelor's Degree Completion Program