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Global Campus

About Our Staff

Our mission is to provide information and support to Kansas State University Global Campus students, faculty and alumni, to extend the university's academic excellence and culture to online students, and to enable those students to enrich the university with the diversity of their experiences and culture.

The Student and Faculty Services office strives to expand services, advocates for student needs and fosters an online environment that helps students feel part of the K-State community.


Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson
Director of Student and Faculty Services

Jason oversees the Student and Faculty Services office in providing the information and services that K-State distance education students need. In his role as director, he has helped create an inviting, helpful atmosphere so both future and current students always feel welcome to contact the office and keep connected with the university. Jason received Kansas State University's “Putting Students First Award” in 2012.


Maleah Lundeen
Student Services Coordinator

Maleah facilitates communication and services for K-State distance education students, including social media and electronic communications. She works closely with university staff to ensure that distance education student voices are represented and that services can be provided to meet their needs.


Laura Widenor
Faculty Services Coordinator

Laura schedules and administers proctored exams for distance education students and identifies best practices and trends in distance learning exam delivery technology. She provides assistance to K-State instructors who teach online through the K-State Global Campus.


Lydell Cox
Administrative Specialist

Lydell serves as the first point of contact when future or current students contact the office for assistance. He supervises and manages the K-State Global Campus call center and the office's team of student staff.


Ashley Blake
Academic Advisor

Ashley advises K-State distance students in interdisciplinary social science as well as nutrition and health bachelor's degrees. She also advises students completing courses to qualify for family studies and human services, early childhood education and dietetics distance programs.


Rebecca Dale
Academic Advisor

Rebecca advises K-State distance students in the general business program. She assists with on-campus student services and provides support to relay their availability to distance students. She also provides support to the Fort Riley student services coordinator.

Student Employees

Andi Wait
Brenna Ramirez
Emily Polston
Holly Peterman
Jemima Nesthant
Lauren Obermeyer
Makenzie Allison
Mary Privitera

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