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Policies and Procedures

The university policies and procedures information below may be useful during your time at K-State. Feel free to contact us with your specific questions.

Payment  | Sponsored Billing | Dropping Your Course | Refund | Changing Course Status | Submit Grievance | Special Assistance | Request An Incomplete | Course Cancellations | Honor and Integrity System | Copyright Policy | Severe Weather

Paying Your Tuition

Tuition is the cost for an academic course at Kansas State University and includes a per-credit-hour charge. Additional tuition components may also be included. Tuition is set by the Kansas Board of Regents annually in late June or early July. After the tuition rate is announced, course charges for the upcoming academic year are finalized and posted on K-State's website. Charges will be posted to KSIS student accounts on the 15th of each month beginning as follows: Fall—July 15; Spring—December 15; Summer—May 15. Students should wait to pay until charges are posted to their KSIS account.

An electronic bill (eBill) detailing your tuition charges will be available after the 15th of each month following your assessment. Your eBill notification will be sent to your K-State email address. You can also view your eBill by logging into your KSIS account. Several payment options are available.

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Sponsored Billing (military/veterans, third party payment of tuition)

If your tuition and fees will be either partially or fully paid by a third-party sponsoring organization (your company, the military, or other sponsor), you must provide tuition assistance forms, purchase orders, or other authorization of payment to: K-State Cashiers & Student Accounts Office, 211 Anderson Hall, Manhattan KS 66506. Call 785-532-6317 or e-mail sponsorship@k-state.edu, if you have questions. Any Balance Due not paid by your sponsor is your responsibility and must be paid by the due date on the eBill statement. Note: Company reimbursement policies are between you and your employer.​

If you have questions regarding your eBill or payment options:
K-State Cashier's Office
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Phone: 785-532-6317
Email: cashiers@k-state.edu

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Dropping Your Course

If you must drop your course, be sure to review the K-State Global Campus drop policies and deadlines.

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Getting a Refund

It may be possible to get a refund of your tuition depending on the date you drop your course. View refund policies and deadlines.

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Changing Your Course Status

Get more information about status change policies and deadlines.

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Submitting a Grievance

Kansas State University and the K-State Global Campus want to serve students in the best way possible and strive to work with students to address any grievances and work toward a solution. If you as a student have a complaint regarding your online course, instruction or other academic procedures as a K-State distance student, you may visit our Student Concerns and Complaints website. 

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Arranging for Special Assistance

Kansas State University is committed to providing accessibility to all participants of courses, conferences and programs.

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Requesting an Incomplete

If you realize you cannot complete your course work by the end of the term in which you are enrolled, you have the option of submitting a formal petition to your instructor for a grade of incomplete. View details about incompletes.

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Course Cancellations

Minimum enrollments are set for each course. Courses with low enrollments may be canceled. A full refund is given if a course is canceled.

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K-State Honor and Integrity System

Kansas State University has an Honor System based on personal integrity, which is presumed to be sufficient assurance in academic matters that one's work is performed honestly and without unauthorized assistance. All full-time and part-time students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses on-campus, off-campus and via distance learning, by registration in those courses, acknowledge the jurisdiction of the Honor System.

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Copyright Policy

All Kansas State University syllabi, course materials, course media and online courses are copyrighted. You may duplicate the course materials only for your own use in the course, and you must erase or destroy any duplicated materials as soon as you complete the course requirements.

You may not make course materials or information available to other individuals unless you have written permission from the copyright owner. Please check with your instructor for permission to use any course material. Without written permission, you may not:

  • be paid for taking notes by a person or commercial firm
  • sell your notes to an individual or commercial firm

View K-State's Copyright Statement.

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Severe Weather

Occasionally, severe weather necessitates the cancellation of on- or off-campus classes and activities. The K-State website provides information about weather-related cancellations. View the K-State Global Campus severe weather policy.

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