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Email and eID

K-State eID

All students are required to have a K-State eID. Having an eID allows you to do many things, including:

  • Enroll for classes
  • Access your eBill
  • View your final grade
  • Use your K-State email account
  • Access your course through K-State Online
  • Download university licensed software

Make sure you remember your eID and password. You will be prompted to change your password twice per year.

All email correspondence from K-State will be sent to your K-State eID, including eBill information. You can use WebMail, or if desired, you can forward your K-State email to another email address.

Forward Your Email

Follow these instructions to forward your email.


View instructions on using K-State WebMail.

Keep Your Contact Information Current

Your course may require us to send additional materials or to return graded homework or exams. Timely receipt of these materials and correspondence depends on us having your correct contact information. If you have a change of address, follow these two steps:

  1. Let us know:
    Student and Faculty Services
    Phone: 785-532-5575 or toll free 1-800-622-2578
    Email: globaltesting@k-state.edu

  2. Update your official contact information by going to "campus personal information" in KSIS.
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