How to Enroll

All students, whether they are on-campus or distance students, degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking, must either be admitted to a degree or certificate program or must be approved as “nondegree-seeking” before they can enroll in a course.

The following information will guide students wanting to take classes via the K-State Global Campus through the nondegree request or admission process and the steps for enrolling in a class (distance education classes, Evening College, Intersession, etc.). Begin at and click on “Courses” at the top.

1.Type your search criteria into the box or click on ’Advanced Search’. If using Advanced Search, select the semester and year in which you are interested under ’Term’, and choose any other search criteria you wish to find.  Click ’Search’.
2.Find the class you wish to take and click on the class title.
3.Verify that this is the correct course and click “Add to Class Interest List.“
4.Repeat these steps for any additional classes you wish to take.
5.Print your Class Interest List or make a note of your Class Numbers (Class Nbr). This is important information to have when you are ready to enroll!
6.Answer the mandatory "Getting Started" questions. (See "Help With Getting Started Questions" below). These questions will guide you to the proper admission or nondegree request form, or will direct you to the enrollment website.
7.If you are a current student proceed to the "To enroll in classes" instructions below.
8.If you are not already a current student, complete the appropriate degree-seeking application or nondegree-seeking** request form.

** If classes start within a month from now (for undergraduate students) or two months from now (for graduate students), answer ’No’ to the question "Do you wish to apply now… to a degree or certificate program...?" so that you can fill out the "Graduate Nondegree Enrollment Request Form" or the "Undergraduate Application" to be admitted quickly (usually one to five working days) as a nondegree-seeking student and continue with your enrollment process. If you intend to apply for admission as a degree-seeking student for this or a subsequent semester, you may do so after enrolling as a nondegree student this semester. (Permission to enroll as nondegree-seeking does not guarantee acceptance to a degree program.)

9.Once you are notified that you have been admitted or approved to enroll, you can create your K-State electronic identifier (eID), and enroll for your classes through KSIS (K-State’s student information system). Instructions follow:
Create your K-State eID:
a.Create an electronic identifier (eID) that will allow you to access K-State systems. Browse to and click on the "Register now!" link. Complete the requested information to create your eID.
b.Follow the directions given using the Wildcat ID (WID) you received in your approval to enroll email.
c.See if you need help with this process.
To enroll in classes, follow the steps listed below:
d.Log on to KSIS at using your newly created eID and password.
e.Click on the "Student Center" link.
f.Check the Enrollment Dates box for your assigned enrollment appointment.
g.You will be able to complete the following steps for enrolling on or after your appointment date and time.
h.In the Academics section, select the "Enroll" link and then select the correct term, and click "Continue."
i.Enter the "Class Number" from your Class Interest List which you previously obtained through the Global Campus Course Search ( and click "enter." (If you do not have your Class Interest List handy, you can either re-create it on the Global Campus website or use the KSIS “Class Search/Browse Catalog” tab to find your classes. Be careful that you choose the correct class as many courses have more than one section.)
j.Verify that your class information is correct and click “Next.” Either add more classes by repeating the steps above or click “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” to continue.
k.Finish the process by clicking “Finish Enrolling.” A green check mark will signify a successful enrollment.

Important Notes

  • ALL email sent from K-State will be sent to your K-State email address ( only. You must either read this mail via K-State’s Webmail system ( or use "Email Forwarding" at to forward your K-State email to the address you prefer.
  • Please keep in mind that you are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid as a nondegree-seeking student.

If you are in need of assistance, contact Global Campus at 1-800-622-2578 or 785-532-5575 or e-mail

Help with Getting Started Questions

Select classes using the Class Search and print your Class Interest List (or make note of the class numbers), then complete the Getting Started questions. These will lead you to the next step in the process of enrolling for classes.

Following are the questions and reasoning to use when selecting your answer:

Are you a current student at K-State? Yes or No.
Not sure?
You are a current student if:
You have taken a K-State class in the previous or current semester for undergraduate or graduate credit;
You are admitted to a specific K-State degree program for the current semester.

If your answer is Yes, you will be asked:

Do you have an active eID? Yes or No.

If your answer is Yes, you will be directed to KSIS to enroll for your class(es). If your answer is No, or if you’re unsure whether or not your eID is active, contact the K-State IT Help Desk at 1-800-865-6143 or 785-532-7722.

If your answer is No, you will be asked:

Have you ever taken classes at K-State? Yes or No.
No explanation needed for this question! Answering Yes or No directs you to the third question.

Do you wish to apply now, or are you currently admitted to a degree or certificate program at K-State?

If your answer is No, this indicates that you intend to be nondegree-seeking and you will be presented with the link to complete the appropriate form. You will receive notification regarding your admission status in one to five business days.

If your answer is Yes, you will click on the link to complete the appropriate application form. You will receive notification regarding your admission status in approximately one month for undergraduate applicants or two to three months for graduate applicants.

If you are admitted to an undergraduate degree program but have not taken a class for two semesters (excluding summer), answer No to the first question, Yes to the second question, and after answering Yes to this third question, you will be directed to the Undergraduate Readmission Form to be readmitted to your program.

If you are admitted to a graduate degree program but are not currently taking a class, contact the Graduate School at You cannot enroll until the Graduate School has activated your record for the term (term activate).

Not sure?
If you are not sure if you have been admitted to an undergraduate program, contact the Admissions Office at or 785-532-6250.

If you are not sure if you have been admitted to a graduate program, contact the department to which you have applied. Contact information can be found in the K-State directory.

Admission Policies

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