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Kansas State University

Prospective Students

Distance education offered by Kansas State University provides adult students with the opportunity to pursue their personal and professional goals without leaving a current job or family. Our innovative use of technology can help you have it all!

K-State distance education students report many benefits, including:

  • The ability to complete coursework over the lunch hour, on the weekends or when the kids are in bed
  • The prospect of finishing a degree that life may have derailed for a time
  • The possibility for an entirely new career direction
  • The opportunity to partner on projects with classmates from all over the country or the world
  • The chance to be an amazing role model for your kids as they see you set and achieve your goals

Distance education differs in some ways from the traditional, on-campus methods you’re probably already familiar with. Some classes are taught at locations near your home and others are entirely online. Most incorporate a combination of teaching tools including CDs, chat rooms, message boards, online assignments, interactive technologies and other innovations.

Distance education takes a certain amount of dedication, self-direction and perseverance. While flexibility is a huge benefit of distance education, successful distance students also understand that their education is their responsibility. Take this quiz to determine whether you’re a good potential distance education student. We’re betting you are!

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