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Kansas State University


What is the carbon footprint for your business? How can you make your business more environmentally sustainable? Why is it important?

A growing trend towards greenhouse gas reporting and regulation has prompted the need for a new skill set for corporations, consultants, engineering firms, and auditors. As evidenced by Executive Order 13514, requiring Federal Agencies to reduce GHG emissions, the EPA’s Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule for industry, the SEC’s climate change disclosure guidance, and California’s AB32, AASHE for universities, and ICLEI for local governments and numerous corporate sustainability reporting initiatives, a large pool of specialists is needed to manage these processes.

Kansas State University has partnered with International Carbon Bank and Exchange, Inc. to offer "Greenhouse Gas Accounting," an online noncredit course on measuring an organization's carbon footprint.

Students enroll through K-State and perform all coursework through International Carbon Bank and Exchange, Inc. Look for additional carbon footprint courses offered through K-State in the future.