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Janice Nikkel
College of Human Ecology Coordinator


The conflict resolution program requires completion of the following classes:

Undergraduate Certificate

Required (3 credit hours)

CNRES 531 Core Conflict Resolution (3 credits)

Electives (9 credit hours)

CNRES 532 Conflict Resolution Across Cultures and Contexts (3 credits)

CNRES 533 Prevention and Intervention of Violence (3 credits)

CNRES 534 Conflict in Organizations (3 credits)

CNRES 535 Divorce and Child Custody Mediation (3 credits)

CNRES 536 Conflict and Trauma in International Settings (3 credits)

First course taken must be CNRES 531. Use the undergraduate certificate worksheet (PDF) to help guide you through the program.

Graduate Certificate (12 credit hours)

CNRES 751 Conflict Resolution: Core Skills and Strategies (3 credits)

CNRES 752 Culture and Conflict (3 credits)

CNRES 753 Violence Prevention and Intervention (3 credits)

CNRES 754 Organizational Conflict (3 credits)

CNRES 755 Family Mediation (3 credits)

CNRES 761 International Conflict & Trauma (3 credits)

First course taken must be CNRES 751. Use the graduate certificate worksheet (PDF) to help guide you through the program.

The completion of some courses will meet Kansas Office of Dispute Resolution training requirements for various types of mediation [K.S.A. 5-501 and Rule 902(e)].

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Quick Facts

Degree: Graduate Certificate or Undergraduate Certificate
College: Human Ecology
Credits: 12
Course delivery: Online

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