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Ellen Stauffer
Program Coordinator

Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Program Coordinator

Admission Requirements for the Nuclear Engineering Minor Program

The nuclear engineering minor program is available to:

  • graduates of any ABET-accredited engineering program worldwide
  • Kansas State University undergraduate students*
  • current students in any ABET-accredited engineering program at any university, subject to the following criteria:
  1. Students must submit a Nuclear Minor Application Form to the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering; this would preferably occur prior to or within the first year of minor course work.
  2. The application must be approved by three nuclear engineering faculty members in order for the student to be eligible to receive the minor.
  3. Undergraduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher.
  4. Graduates of an ABET-accredited engineering program must have attained a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher.
  5. Students not already admitted to K-State as an undergraduate student must submit an undergraduate application.

*Students pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Kansas State University have the opportunity to earn a degree option in nuclear engineering by successfully completing a particular course sequence as part of their major course of study. The online nuclear engineering minor addresses the needs of other students at K-State who are not pursuing the nuclear degree option as well as engineers who already have a B.S. degree in engineering but have little or no nuclear course work and wish to enhance their expertise in the nuclear engineering area.

Application Deadlines

The application and admission process takes two to three months to complete. Distance students should plan to apply within that timeframe or earlier before the semester in which they wish to start their program. Application review will not begin until all transcripts, application fees and other supporting documents are received.

How to Apply

Students wishing to apply for the nuclear engineering minor program may do so by completing the required department Minor Application Form and the undergraduate application form.

Review the application information, choose the semester for which you wish to apply and complete the form. On the Education tab under the Academic Information section, be sure to mark "No" that you do not plan to complete a degree, "Yes" that you are seeking a post-degree minor and "Yes" or "No" that you will have a degree from Kansas State University. Choose "Distance Education" and "Nuclear Engineering – Minor" for the remaining two fields and then click "Next."

Students may fill out the optional scholarship application section. Although nondegree-seeking students are not considered for general scholarships, they can be considered for scholarships from academic areas.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Minor
College: Engineering
Credits: 15
Course delivery: Online
Tuition per credit hour: $698.70

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