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Kansas State University


Reading Specialist

Required Courses (18 hours)

EDCI 816 – Approaches to Reading Instruction

A foundational study of research-based approaches, materials, and methods for effective K-12 reading instruction. Credits: (3) Pr.: Teaching experience.

EDCI 818 – Theoretical Models of Reading

Advanced study of reading with an emphasis on foundational theories and seminal research studies reflecting the complexity of the reading process. Credits: (3) Pr.: Teaching experience.

EDCI 840 – Literacy Assessment

An overview of the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data from formal and informal assessment methods and instruments to enhance literacy instruction by documenting growth and literacy development. Credits: (3) Pr.: Teaching experience.

EDCI 841 – Supporting Struggling Readers

Explores the identities of “struggling readers” across grade levels to address the importance of interest, motivation, gender, culture, and language on learning to read with an emphasis on differentiated instruction to support literacy development and lifelong reading. Credits: (3) Pr.: Teaching experience.

EDCI 930 – Leadership in Literacy

A seminar to prepare reading professionals to work as literacy leaders, advocates, and coaches to support district and school literacy professional development. Credits: (3) Pr.: Teaching experience.

EDCI 945 – Clinical Practicum in Reading

Supervised K-12 practicum with candidates working with individuals and small groups of readers using a wide range of evidence-based instructional practices, approaches, and curricular materials. Credits: (3) Pr.: EDCI 816, 818, 840, and 841. This class must be taken after the other classes listed above; or may be taken at the same time as the last class you take in this series.