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Kansas State University

David Thompson

David Thompson

Dr. David Thompson has served the field of education for nearly 40 years. He has been a classroom teacher, high school principal, and superintendent of schools. For the last 26 years he has served as a faculty member and administrator in the College of Education at Kansas State University.

A specialist in education finance, he has authored textbooks used in more than 200 universities throughout the United States. He played a major role in introducing aid to school construction costs in Kansas.

His research on school funding has been relied upon by powerful national interests, and has resulted in testimony before state legislatures and courts of law. He served as lead editor and contributor to the U.S. Department of Education’s major revision of Financial Accounting for Local and State School Systems 2003 Edition. Additionally, he coauthored the American Federation of Teachers comprehensive national study entitled Building Minds, Minding Buildings (2008).

His national contributions to the field of education finance and the university have been recognized with numerous awards, including the KSU Outstanding University Department Head Award, induction into the KSU Academy of Fellows, the UCEA Award for Sustained and Meritorious Service, appointment as Distinguished Fellow of Research and Practice NEFC, and the NEFC Lifetime Achievement Award.

Exclusively focused on P-12 public school funding concerns, his research and teaching mission have been longstanding, and tirelessly aimed at creating positive change on behalf of children at both national and state levels.