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Kansas State University

Home or Away

Second Wind

Come Back To Wildcat Country

You can return to the K-State campus to complete your bachelor’s degree. Athletic academic counselors and the academic advisors from your college or major will assist you in planning your return and help guide you through preparation for completing degree requirements. They will also outline the exact credit hours or semesters you will need. K-state coaches and counselors will provide you with information for re-admission, financial aid, local housing, and possible employment. Before you arrive on campus, you will have a detailed plan for your course schedules, graduation timeline, and necessary arrangements for student living.

Stay On Your Own Turf

If you travel regularly or need to remain in your community, you can complete your K-State degree through distance education. Through the K-State Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program, you can finish your degree requirements by taking distance and online courses from K-State. You will work directly with a K-State academic advisor to create a play-by-play plan that works for you.

Distance degree programs include: Animal Science and Industry, Dietetics, Early Childhood Education, Food Science and Industry, General Business, Interdisciplinary Social Science, and Technology Management. Find out more about distance bachelor’s degree programs.