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Kansas State University

Speaker Bios

Ted Bilderback

Dr. Bilderback is a professor and Interim Arboretum director at North Carolina State University where he has been a member of the Horticultural Science Department since 1977. Ted's research and extension programs have focused on environmentally conscious cultural practices for growing nursery stock. Extension, teaching, and research responsibilities for nursery crops include emphasis on cultural production techniques. Research emphasis includes plant water relations and nutrition of container nursery stock as related to manipulation of container substrates and irrigation practices.

Cheryl Boyer

Dr. Boyer is the Ornamental Nursery Crop Production Specialist at K-State. Her appointment is 75% Extension, 25% Research and she works to support the nursery industry both with applied research in alternative potting substrates and with an educational outreach plan to meet the needs of growers in the Great Plains. She can be found on Twitter: @cherylboyer [!/cherylboyer].

Meg Cloud

Meg Cloud is the Social Media Strategist for Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards in Louisiana, Missouri. She manages the online presence for Stark Bro's via their social sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, their blog, "Growing with Stark Bro's", E-Newsletters, etc.!/Stark_Bros!/StarkBrosCares
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Tom Fernandez

Dr. Fernandez, Michigan State University, has a 3-way appointment with 50% Extension, 25% Teaching and 25% Research. His extension programs focus on water management and quality for wholesale production nurseries, substrates and nutrition for container production, water use legislation as it affects nurseries, and estimating cost of production. Research areas include improving the sustainability of wholesale production nurseries. Specific projects have focused on water management and quality, biodegradable films, phytoremediation of runoff water.

Charles Gilliam

Dr. Gilliam, Auburn University, studies herbicide efficacy in container-grown and field-grown nursery crops. Charles has a 75% Research, 25% Extension appointment in ornamental nursery crop production.

Ed Gilman

Dr. Gilman, University of Florida, has a 50% research: 50% extension teaching assignment and teaches an arboriculture class. He works with arborists, consultants, landscape contractors, tree nursery operators, urban foresters, planners, landscape architects and others engaged in tree selection, growing, planting and management issues. Research includes irrigation, fertilization, roots, and other tree transplant and after-care techniques and a recent focus on tree response to pruning.

Jason Griffin

Dr. Griffin, Ornamental Horticulture at K-State, serves as the Director of the John C. Pair Horticultural Center in Haysville, Kansas. The John C. Pair Center is an applied research facility, which works with many horticultural crops such as, trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and turfgrass. His research is primarily focused around woody plants. At the John C. Pair Center, he works on a variety of research projects including nursery production, landscape utilization and cultivar evaluations.

Gus van der Hoeven

Dr. van der Hoeven is a retired, now emeritus, Extension Specialist in Landscape and Environmental Horticulture for K-State. Originally from the Netherlands, Gus is has extensive knowledge of plants grown in our challenging Kansas climate.

Megan Kennelly

Dr. Kennelly, Plant Pathology at K-State, specializes in turfgrass pathology and urban and horticultural plant pathology problems.

Chad Miller

Dr. Miller, Ornamental Horticulture at K-State, is a floriculture specialist with extensive knowledge of and interest in bulbs for the landscape. He will begin teaching the landscape plant identification course at K-State this fall.

Judy O'Mara

Judy has been the Director of the Kansas State University Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab for over 22 years. Her area of diagnostic expertise is horticultural diseases. She also teaches a Production and Landscape Disease class as well as conducts Master Gardener Training.

Alan Stevens

Dr. Stevens is the state Extension Specialist for Floriculture and serves as the director of the K-State Research and Extension Center in Olathe, Kansas. He conducts applied research and extension programming for the producers of flowering crops and their use in the landscape. His flagship program is Prairie Star Flowers.

Jeff Vogel

Jeff is the Program Manager for the Plant Protection and Weed Control Program for the Kansas Department of Agriculture. His office works to ensure the health of the state's native and cultivated plants by excluding or controlling destructive pests, diseases and weeds. His staff examines and analyzes pest conditions in crop fields, rangelands, greenhouses and nurseries.