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Kansas State University

How to Participate Online

If you would like to participate in NurseryWorks but can't make the event in person, consider interacting online. The registration fee for online participation is $30. We will have a private Adobe Connect conference room online where you will be able to see and hear the speakers as well as their slides. The backchannel (conversations between participants about the conference and speakers) will be moderated with Google Moderator. Google Moderator offers the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and to vote on questions others have asked. Hear the answer to your question!

Also, we hope you'll join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Use this opportunity to learn social media technology and meet colleagues across the country. Maybe you'll find new plants. Maybe you'll find new people to talk nursery production with. Just Maybe…you'll find it's worth your time to engage online in real time.

Watch the Twitter Conversation:

Ask Questions on Google Moderator: