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Kansas State University

Networking Opportunities

NurseryWorks offers fantastic opportunities to meet your colleagues and fellow nurserymen in person. Not only will you have a chance to chat during the break times, but you'll also interact during the hands-on portion of the conference, dinner at the KSU Gardens and during the two lunches in Aggieville.

In addition to breaks during the meeting, we hope you'll join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Use this opportunity to learn social media technology and meet colleagues across the country. Maybe you'll find new plants. Maybe you'll find new people to talk nursery production with. Just Maybe…you'll find it's worth your time to engage online in real time.

During the conference there will be two screens at the back of the conference room displaying the Twitter stream and Google Moderator feed (online participants can ask questions for the speakers) so that YOU can connect with online users. Official Twitter and Facebook Team members will have a sticker on their name badge indicating which team(s) they are participating in.