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Kansas State University

2011 NurseryWorks Conference Audio Slide Story

Kansas Pesticide Credits

3A - 4hrs
3C - 4hrs

Credit has been approved for the following sessions:
0.5-hrs      Managing Roots
1.5-hrs      Best Management for your Weed Control
1.5-hrs      Identifying Diseases of Ornamental Crops
1.5-hrs      Sprayer Calibration
0.5-hrs      Regulatory Plant Issues

ISA Credits

This program is eligible for up to 8.5 hours of continuing education credits from the International Society of Arboriculture.

Sessions eligible for ISA credits


Wednesday, June 15
8:30 AM Registration; Plant silent auction opens
10:00-10:15 AM Opening Remarks - Cheryl Boyer
10:15-11:45 AM

Managing Roots in the Nursery for Optimal Production and Landscape Performance
Ed Gilman, Professor of Urban Trees & Landscape Plants, University of Florida, Gainesville

We'll show you how to produce a strong root system in the nursery using the correct liner trays, containers, and field techniques using examples from across the continent. There are brand new methods to eliminate root defects in containers and proven field production strategies that ensure good roots. We'll show you how to create a root flare at the surface instead of 8 inches below the surface and how to set up a test so you can show others. We will thoroughly dissect root systems and show you how they grow in nature compared to in the nursery and landscape. The differences will surprise you and are important to understand! You will come away knowing how to improve root systems on trees of any age. You may be surprised at the amount of new research on this topic, as well as the experience of some professionals treating defects.

Topics covered include: what root attributes lead to stable trees, how trees grow in nature, growing quality root systems in container and field nurseries, how roots grow in urban landscapes, recognizing root defects, prescribing treatments for root defects, root management at planting, improving health of established trees with root pruning, root regeneration capacity, increasing anchorage with root ball shaving, and more.

K-State Nursery Works Ed Gilman
Ed Gilman Handouts
(Another 4 handouts can be found here.)

11:45-12:15 pm

Estimating the Wholesale Cost of Nursery Production
Tom Fernandez, Associate Professor, Michigan State University, East Lansing

Understanding nursery costs helps growers improve cost management and production efficiency. Accurate cost estimation helps growers set prices that enable them to recover costs and maintain profitability. Dr. Fernandez will share a new spreadsheet tool from MSU Extension that will help field or container nursery producers use their records to estimate their production costs and explore opportunities for savings.

K-State Nursery Works_Tom Fernandez

12:15-1:15 PM Lunch on your own in Aggieville
1:15-2:00 PM

Managing Your Nursery's Brand Online
Meg Cloud, Social Media Strategist, Stark Bro's Nursery & Orchards Co., Louisiana, MO

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook? How should you use it to expand the brand of your nursery? Stark Bro's social media expert Meg Cloud will share some of the history of this nearly 200-year-old nursery and how they have learned to grow with and manage an online presence.

K-State Nursery Works_Meg Cloud

2:00-3:30 PM

Best Management Practices for Your Weed Control Program
Charles Gillam, Professor of Horticulture, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Dr. Charles Gilliam is one of the leading weed scientists in the United States. He evaluates new chemicals for use in both container-grown and field-grown crops for many pesticide companies. Gilliam has worked with weed research for 30 years and has extensive experience in the nursery industry. He will share the key principles of a good weed management program and new herbicide options now available.

K-State Nursery Works_Charles Gillam

3:30-4:15 PM

Break: Tree Walk through campus to the KSU Gardens
Chad Miller & Gus van der Hoeven

Listen as Drs. Chad Miller and Gus van der Hoeven lead you from the K-State Alumni Center to the KSU Gardens. On the way they will show you mature specimens of tree species performing well in Kansas, as well as a little bit of history about the campus.

4:15-5:45 PM

Hands-on workshops at KSU Gardens (choose one)

* Pruning Shade Trees - Ed Gilman, University of Florida

From the roots, lower trunk, and up through the crown of the tree, you'll prune with Dr. Gilman to generate the tree structure demanded by professional arborists. Learn what the customer wants and why. We will diagnose production challenges and be able to deconstruct a finished crop to see where growth may have taken a different turn. You will have the opportunity to prune young shade trees for structure, strength, and learn how to enhance growth rate by managing low branches under the expert guidance of Dr. Gilman.

* Grafting - Jason Griffin, K-State

WHAT! You have never grafted! But always wanted to! Take advantage of this session to practice the nuts 'n bolts of some common grafting techniques.

* Identifying Diseases of Ornamental Crops - Megan Kennelly and Judy O'Mara, K-State

Take a walk through the landscape surrounding the KSU Gardens and view the plants with the critical eye of a plant pathologist. If you need help scouting or identifying plant diseases brought to you by customers, this is the session for you.

* Sprayer Calibration - Charles Gilliam, Auburn University

Sprayer calibration is such a critical aspect of weed control, but it's really not difficult if you have someone show you how. Attend this session for up close and personal attention with Dr. Gilliam.

* Local Retail Garden Center tours - Alan Stevens, K-State

Garden Centers in Manhattan have a variety of floor plans, merchandising displays and integrated approaches to the business of garden retailing. Attend this session, join the tour, and see firsthand the unique things they are doing.

5:30-8:00 PM

Sponsor/Vendor booths open at KSU Gardens

Dinner at the KSU Gardens catered by Cox Bros. BBQ

Live auction B&B plants

Thursday, June 16
7:30-8:15 AM Breakfast snacks available; Plant silent auction opens
8:15-9:45 AM

Best Management Practices for Field-Grown Nursery Crops and Got Quality?
Ted Bilderback, Professor and former Extension Specialist for Nursery Crops, currently
Director of the J.C. Raulston Arboretum, North Carolina State University

A Kansas native and K-State graduate, Dr. Ted Bilderback is one of the leading researchers and Extension specialists for nursery crops in the United States. We are pleased to bring him back from North Carolina for Kansas' first nursery production workshop.

Field-grown nursery stock is one of the largest sectors of ornamental plant production in Kansas. Although many growers are familiar with field production of other agricultural crops (wheat, sorghum, etc.), they may have less experience with nursery stock. Some aspects of growing shade trees in the field are similar to other agricultural enterprises, but many characteristics—such as procuring line-out stock, spacing, planting, and managing a crop for more than one year—are quite different. Initially, new growers must plan a marketing strategy to identify clientele and determine what plant species or cultivars to grow. Depending on the final plant size at sale, growers can determine the field layout, spacing, and equipment required to meet the strategic plan. The more specific the marketing strategy, the easier it is to determine which plants to grow and how to design the planting plan.

Additionally, quality can be a challenging aspect of production to characterize. Dr. Bilderback will share his research-based insights into developing quality nursery stock.

K-State Nursery Works_Ted Bilderback

9:45-10:05 AM Break with refreshments; Silent plant auction closes
10:05-11:35 AM


Building Local Alliances: Growers & Retail Garden Centers

It can be challenging to connect local growers with local garden centers. Dr. Bilderback will share how one association (Johnston County Nursery Marketing Association, North Carolina) has approached this issue and will then lead a roundtable discussion to share ideas from participants.

K-State Nursery Works_Roundtable

11:30-12:05 AM

Regulatory Plant Issues: What You Must Do to Sell, Import or Export Live Plants from the State of Kansas
Jeff Vogel, Kansas Department of Agriculture

How do you stay up to date with plant quarantines, emerging pest threats and noxious weed lists? It can be very difficult to keep track of importing/exporting issues as well as other live plant sales concerns. Learn the most important aspects of regulatory plant issues from the state perspective.

K-State Nursery Works_Jeff Vogel

12:05-12:15 PM Closing Remarks; Pick up your plants!
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