Preparing and Submitting your PowerPoint Presentation


The laptop presentation computers in the breakout session rooms will be equipped with Microsoft Office XP PowerPoint and DVD playback capability.

If you are going to incorporate video within your PowerPoint presentation, we strongly recommend that you use Microsoft Windows Media format.

VCR playback capability will not be available. If you want to show a video in conjunction with your presentation, it must be in standard DVD format. If your video has sound, please let us know so we can have speakers ready for your laptop.

If you require a laser pointer, you must provide it yourself, A USB slide advancing controller is available for our laptops, but if you bring a MAC laptop to use for your presentation, you will need your own advancing device.

You would be well advised to send us a copy of your video in advance so we can test it on one of the laptop presentation computers and verify that your video will work with our computer hardware and software.

All presentations should be created and presented in Microsoft PowerPoint (Office XP 2003 or newer) format. PowerPoint files can be provided to us on a CD-ROM disk, or a 100MB or 250MB Zip disk. It would be preferable if video files are provided in Microsoft Windows media format-- **.wmv format.

When you create your PowerPoint presentation and save it, please use the following convention in naming your PowerPoint file: Last name; an underscore; first initial; an underscore; the abbreviated name of your presentation - 50 characters and spaces (abbreviated from your title slide); a space; the date (e.g., Feb 8 07); a space; and time your presentation is scheduled.
Example: Frank_G _Leadership for New Chairs Feb 8 07 1000

In creating the title slide for your PowerPoint presentation, please include:

  1. the title of your presentation
  2. the name(s) of the presenter(s)
  3. your institution, city, and state.

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Submitting a copy of your presentation in advance

As a presenter for the Academic Chairpersons Conference, we recommend that you turn in your PowerPoint presentation by January 12 for testing and pre-loading. (Keep a back up and bring an additional copy on site)

You can submit a copy of your presentation in advance in two ways:

  1. By e-mail to Sharon Brookshire at
  2. By mail (disk or CD) to
    Sharon Brookshire
    Kansas State University
    Division of Continuing Education
    1615 Anderson
    216 College Court Building
    Manhattan, KS 66506

Submitting your presentation on-site

You can bring your PowerPoint presentation directly to the conference if you feel comfortable. Upon arriving in Orlando, at your earliest opportunity please check in at the Academic Chairpersons Registration Desk on the Mezzanine level (at the top of the escalators). Please tell the staff you are a presenter. The Registration Desk will be open from 5-7 pm on Tuesday, February 6 and will open again at 7:30 am on Wednesday, February 7.

If you have your presentation on a flash drive only, you will need to leave your flash drive with us until your presentation can be copied to the presentation computer. Please label your presentation clearly so the technician can identify which file to copy!