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Kansas State University

Annual Academic Chairpersons Conference

How to Submit a Proposal

Submissions will be made in an electronic form which you will complete online. Once you begin filling the form, it will not save if you leave and try to come back to it. We suggest you gather the following information before beginning your submission:

  1. Primary presenter information and curriculum vitae or short biographical sketch that can be uploaded to the online form:
    The primary presenter is the designated point of contact for the presentation and will receive all information regarding the presentation. The primary presenter is responsible for sharing all communication with additional presenters.

  2. Additional presenter information (if applicable):
    Name, title, department, institution and email.
    Visit our online Community Forum to find co-presenters that will enhance your proposal submission, or use the forum to exchange ideas with experts in your field.

  3. Title of presentation: Maximum of 10 words.

  4. Abstract: 25-50 words for inclusion on the Website and in the conference program. Formatted in a document that can be uploaded to the online form.

  5. Presentation topic: Evaluation/Assessment, Faculty Development, Leadership/Administration, Strategic Planning/Mission/Goals, or Other.

  6. Target audience: New, intermediate, experienced or all department chairs.

  7. Type of presentation: Collaborative panel session, workshop, paper, or roundtable.

  8. Objective(s) of the presentation: Purpose of the session, what the professional can expect to gain from attending the session.

  9. Description of the session (300 - 500 words): Include the relevance of the session to chairpersons, presentation focus, recommendations that will be made for chairpersons, and how the audience will be involved.

  10. Audio-visual equipment (if any)
    Note: Standard audiovisual equipment will be provided in each room including a data projector, laptop (PC only), a screen, and a microphone (where needed). Flip charts will be made available on request.

Complete the electronic submission at

Proposals must be submitted by Monday, July 16, 2012

"I appreciated the fact that leadership theory, though valuable, did not dominate most presentations. Practical information related by folks with direct experience was the most useful."
-- 2012 Conference Participant

A printer-friendly version of the Call for Proposals information can be downloaded here.