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Kansas State University

Annual Academic Chairpersons Conference

Possible Session Topics & Presentation Types

"I enjoyed interacting with other chairs and hearing their creative solutions to some of the issues I was having. Also, it was helpful to know that I'm not alone and that there are other people going through some of the same struggles as I am."
-- 2012 Conference Participant

Possible Session Topics

Leadership and Administration
Proposals submitted might include topics such as:

  • legal issues
  • trends in faculty appointments
  • managing conflict
  • leading change
  • delegating
  • developing partnerships
  • taking advantage of diversity
  • building consensus
  • creative budgeting
  • grant writing
  • fundraising
  • effective meetings
  • academic dishonesty
  • faculty searches & interviewing
  • balancing scholarly work with administrative duties

Faculty Development
Proposals submitted might include topics such as:

  • motivating faculty
  • mentoring faculty
  • improving teaching
  • stress or time management
  • introducing technology to faculty
  • promoting interdisciplinary curricula
  • supporting research interests/funding efforts
  • training faculty to support recruitment efforts
  • incorporating online learning in the department

Strategic Planning, Mission, and Goals
Proposals submitted might include topics such as:

  • redefining the department
  • aligning with institutional mission
  • civic engagement
  • management for enrollment swings
  • student retention
  • positioning the department to maintain resources
  • strategic downsizing
  • using assessment data to guide planning

Evaluation and Assessment
Proposals submitted might include topics such as:

  • evaluating teaching performance
  • facilitating program reviews
  • assessing program processes and outcomes
  • evidence used for accreditation
  • writing performance appraisals
  • rewarding service
  • student evaluations
  • academic integrity
  • post-tenure review
  • promotion and tenure
  • due process

Presentation Types

Presentation Type Length of Session Description
Collaborative sessions 105 minutes A group presentation including three or four presenters addressing different aspects of the same topic. Each presenter gives a brief presentation followed by discussion among panelists and questions from the audience. Cross-institutional proposals are welcome! These sessions are intended to allow for audience participation. We have created an online Community Forum to assist in locating colleagues with divergent viewpoints.
Workshops 105 minutes A single or group presentation that is interactive and involves the participants in taking part in small group activities, role-playing, case studies, simulations, problem solving or other hands-on instructional activities.
Paper sessions 45 minutes total

30-35 minutes to present; 10-15 minutes group discussion
An individual presentation. The presenter gives a 30-35 minute talk on their research or best practice. The presenter allows 10-15 minutes of group discussion.

There are two paper sessions per each 105 minute concurrent session, providing a 15 minute transition time between presentations.
Roundtables 50 minutes A presenter facilitates a discussion centered on a key topic. The roundtable discussions will take place during breakfast on the second day of the conference.

Visit our How to Submit a Proposal page for a checklist of what you need before beginning your online submission.

A printer-friendly version of the Call for Proposals information can be downloaded here.