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Kansas State University


Occupational Health Psychology

Teaching Faculty

Richard G. Best, Ph.D., 2003 – Dr. Best is an industrial and organizational psychologist and health services investigator for the Veterans Health Administration. In his work in health services research, he has conducted numerous applied research projects targeting systems factors in organizational and individual conditions that precipitate affective outcomes, such as job burnout and job satisfaction.

Laura Brannon, Ph.D., 1993 – Dr. Brannon is conducting an ongoing program of research concerning the development of effective communications for the distribution of information relevant to health practices. Her work has been published in leading professional journals and is under consideration for funding by the National Institutes of Health.

Amy Conner, Ph.D., 2005 – Dr. Conner has a broad interest in changing negative health behaviors. Her dissertation research investigated methods to reduce undergraduate binge drinking behavior, and she has published research on changing behaviors that put individuals at increased risk of AIDS transmission. In addition, she has a specific interest in Occupational Health Psychology (OHP). She earned OHP certification in 2003, and has conducted and presented research on techniques the reduce job burnout.

Ronald Downey, Ph.D., 1971 – Dr. Downey has primary expertise in quantitative methods, questionnaire design, and survey analysis, and has published many papers in these areas. He also has worked as a personnel management consultant in private industry, and conducted research on food preferences and job stress and burnout.

Clive Fullagar, Ph.D., 1986 – Dr. Fullagar (Program Director), has published extensively on labor-management relations, trade union issues, and socialization practices in the workplace. He has had substantial experience as a consultant to local government and private industry, and his most cogent expertise concerns the health implications of workplace socialization practices.

Michael Tagler, Ph.D., 2003 – Dr. Tagler teaches courses in social psychology, applied social psychology, industrial-organization psychology, statistics, and research methods. His research interests center on real-world social problems such as prejudice, inequality, and stress.

Support Faculty

Fred B. Newton, Ph.D., 1972 – Dr. Newton is Director of Counseling Services, author of many diverse articles on counseling psychology, and has taught a variety of graduate courses in this field. His primary expertise involves problem solving, stress coping, and group intervention strategies in the workplace. He has also served as a consultant to business and government organizations on projects concerning wellness and institutional change.

Leon Rappoport, Ph.D., 1963 – Dr. Rappoport (Associate Program Director), has been teaching classes in health psychology for the past 15 years. He has published extensively in the personality-social area, including problems related to stress, and has recently been author or co-author of several articles on food preferences.

Arthur J. Rathbun, Ph.D. Candidate – Mr. Rathbun is a practicing counselor specializing in stress management and career planning issues, and has experience in marital and divorce counseling. He provides expertise on how such problems can impact health in the workplace.

O. John Selfridge, Ph.D., 1996 – Dr. Selfridge has a master’s degree in city planning and a Ph.D. in epidemiology and public health. He has been active in energy and environmental health consulting issues since 1975. He teaches courses related to health and safety concerns of buildings.