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Trina McCarty
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Tuition and Fees

In today's fast-paced, busy world, pursuing education via distance is very convenient for many students. In making the decision to pursue education via distance rather than traditionally, prospective students often ask: "What is the cost?" The following table is a guide to help estimate the total cost of earning a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics via distance education at Kansas State University. These costs are based on starting the certificate program in Fall 2016.

Estimated Costs
CourseTuitionBooksProctoring FeesCreditsTotals
STAT 701$1,910 $80-125$0-1503$1,990-2,185
STAT 703$1,910 $150-270$0-1503$2,060-2,330
STAT 705$1,910 $180-400$0-1503$2,090-2,460
STAT 722$1,910 $70-140$0-1503$1,980-2,200
STAT 730$1,910 $50-200$0-1503$1,960-2,260
STAT 870$1,910 $65-115$0-1503$1,975-2,175
Program Totals*$9,965-11,435

* Based on range of estimated cost of 15 credit hour certificate.

Note: Due to federal law, non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

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Quick Facts

Degree: Graduate Certificate
College: Arts and Sciences
Credits: 15
Course delivery: Online

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