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Dietetics Coordinated Program Option

K-State 2 + 2 Partnerships
What is a 2+2?
  • A partnership between a community college and Kansas State University to provide place-bound students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree
Who are 2+2s for?
  • Students who cannot relocate to Manhattan or Salina campuses, have completed zero or some college credits, or are place-bound transfer students throughout Kansas
  • Advisors who guide students as they transition to K-State
What does a 2+2 include?
  • A detailed, outlined degree plan listing classes that lead to completion of both the associate degree and bachelor’s degree, using credits that transfer from the community college
  • Requirements for application into the bachelor’s degree completion program, including GPA and credit hours

Dietetics Coordinated 2 + 2 Degree Map (PDF)

Barton -K-State’s 2 + 2 Degree in Dietetics Coordinated Program

Kansas State University and Barton Community College offers a 2 + 2 that allows students to earn an Associate in Science Degree with an Emphasis in Dietary Management at BCC and transfer the majority of those credits to K-State towards the completion of a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics.

Dietetics Coordinated Program Option

The coordinated program combines the required supervised practice experience with the bachelor’s degree. This program provides the 900 hours of hands-on experience required by the American Dietetic Association for eligibility to take the registered dietitian exam. Thus, students interested in the option must be willing to relocate to Kansas for the last two semesters of this program.

A Career in Dietetics

Registered Dietitians (RDs) are professionals who translate the science of food and nutrition to enhance the well being of individuals and groups. Many dietitians work in health care facilities such as hospitals and extended care facilities. Dietitians also may be found working in public health settings, such as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) programs; food stamp programs; programs for the elderly; or non-commercial and commercial foodservice operations. The broad range of opportunities for practice within dietetics provides RDs with maximum flexibility as they move through their professional careers. With growing public interest in nutrition and wellness, the demand for dietitians continues to exceed supply. Publications from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to popular magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, cite dietetics as a field of opportunity in the coming decade. Dietetics offers the opportunity to combine an interest in food and nutrition with the privilege of meeting the needs of individuals or groups in wellness, illness, and all other stages of the life cycle. RDs are the only health professionals trained specifically in foods and nutrition, and thus are viewed as “nutrition experts.

How to Get Started

Contact the K-State at Barton representative at (620) 786-1188 or the Dietetics Program Coordinator.

Dietetics at K-State

For more information about the Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics Didactic Program, visit the website at, or call (785) 532-5575, 1-800-622-2KSU (2578) or via e-mail at