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Services and Tools

Non-Credit Development

Non-credit opportunities for individuals and companies are becoming important resources in keeping America’s workforce highly productive and competitive. K-State academic resources can be formatted and delivered to help meet these needs. DCE can help you analyze and identify how to best match an education product to workforce development. Non-credit opportunities offer professional updating, career advancement, workforce development, and recertification requirements.

Conference Planning

Delivering a successful conference, seminar, or workshop or a CEU or certificate program involves a great deal of planning, preparation, and organization. DCE’s trained staff can contribute to the program at all levels, from conceptualization to conclusion.

DCE provides support services to plan and execute letting you focus on the program content, rather than the logistics. Services can include program planning, marketing, financial administration, registration services, and logistics of the event.

Our professional staff works with more than 150 conferences and workshops annually, held in Manhattan, throughout Kansas, the United States, and a few internationally. Program size ranges from small 15-person seminars to a 2,000 participant conferences. Lengths of programs vary and distance delivery systems can be used for workshops and non-credit courses.

Degree and Program Development

The global economy is requiring society to become more highly skilled and educated. There is increasing need to obtain a bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees, certifications and other advanced education while continuing on the job.

DCE has provided educational opportunities to non-traditional students for the last forty years.

Web Course Development

  • DCE offers several tools in Web-course development: K-State Online, a Web-based instructional system
  • Instructional design assistance
  • Technology support and planning
  • Personal consulting
  • Technical support Help Desk

K-State Online

K-State Online is a nationally recognized course management system. The system allows individuality and flexibility. Rich multimedia content can be created using tools such as Tegrity Web Learner and Real Producer for on-demand audio and video.

Call today to Partner for Success

Technology enables us to overcome space and time boundaries and bring teachers and learners together in a partnership for success, providing valuable learning resources for the lifelong learner.

For more information, contact:

Division of Continuing Education
College Court Building
David Stewart, Associate Dean
Program Development and Marketing

Lynda Spire, Assistant Dean
Academic and Professional Programs
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