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Kansas State University

Partnering with DCE

Developing partnerships for education through Kansas State University’s Division of Continuing Education.

In today’s fast-paced society, there is a growing need for education and skill development throughout a person’s career. Learning is a lifelong process.

Partnering with the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) provides an active link between the university’s academic excellence and learners in the workforce and allows us to extend classes and services to people throughout Kansas, the nation, and the world.

DCE is a one-stop source for the delivery of distance and off-campus education, non-credit development, and conference planning.

DCE offers total solutions for delivering programs, courses, projects, and conferences. DCE staff can review and assimilate information about your project, and then help you gain access to technical competencies and capabilities to tailor just the right solution for you.

The DCE professional staff is committed to understanding educational needs and working toward providing innovative solutions that will help you design, deliver, and maintain your program. The DCE staff helps students succeed in degree completion and professional development through the delivery of programs and student services.