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Kansas State University

40th Anniversary Reception

K-State’s Division of Continuing Education Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Division of Continuing Education at Kansas State University celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2006. A reception was held on Friday, December 8, 2006 on the K-State campus. A display board, PowerPoint slide show (ppt), and timeline booklet presented photos and information recounting the Division’s 40-year history. A few of many highlights included:

Division Highlights


  • The Division of Continuing Education was formally established by the Kansas Board of Regents.


  • TELENET, a statewide audioconference network, was established.
  • Intersession courses were coordinated through DCE and offered to students by K-State departments and colleges.


  • K-State’s Division of Continuing Education was ranked fifth out of 21 institutions in staff size, programmatic scope, budget, and program impact.
  • After Hours, also known as Evening College, was established through DCE.


  • Distance education was first offered to out-of-state students.
  • The first online course and the first online degree program were offered.
  • TELENET 2, a videoconference network, was introduced.
  • K-State Online was introduced.


  • Virtual Commencement was established for distance education students.
  • The first 2+2 agreement, allowing students with an associate degree to complete a distance-based bachelor’s degree through K-State, was developed with Barton County Community College.
  • K-State Distance Education reached the milestone of having students in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries.

The Division of Continuing Education has been a significant contributor to the mission of land grant universities at Kansas State University, assisting hundreds of students to achieve degrees and many citizens with conference and non-credit information, stated Elizabeth Unger, vice provost for academic services and technology and dean of continuing education. The Division has been recognized with eight major national awards over the past three years, a recognition of the dedication and skill of the staff.

Along with Dean Unger, event attendees included Betty Stevens, associate vice provost for technology partnerships and associate dean of continuing education; Robert Kruh, former dean of continuing education; and Jan Kruh, former TELENET director. Many DCE staff members were also present to help celebrate 40 years of the Division’s history and progress.